TORO TimeMaster Mowers

Commercial 30


TORO TimeMaster 30"



Ground Speed

TORO TimeMaster 30"

TimeMaster 30
B&S 10.0 Ftlb Engine
10" Rear Drive Wheels
4.5 mph Ground Speed
Toro 3yr HomeOwner Warranty
TimeMaster 30 ES
B&S 10.0 Ftlb Engine
10" Rear Drive Wheels
4.5 mph Ground Speed
Toro 3yr HomeOwner Warranty
Push Button Start
* Toro engine warranty = Toro machine warranty | Kawasaki & Kohler engine warranty = 3 yr unlimited hours | Inquire for details.
Get it done and get on with your weekend. When you have a big yard and a busy schedule, you need Toro’s TimeMaster® on your side. It cuts a wider path on every pass so you can finish mowing faster. With a powerful Briggs & Stratton® OHV engine on board, you’ll have the perfect tool that you need to have the best yard in the neighborhood.

Engine Size: 223cc
Engine Torque: 10.00 ft-lb **
Engine Mfg: Briggs & Stratton
Frame Material: Cast Aluminum
Deck Material: Steel
Front Wheel Dia: 8"
Rear Wheel Dia: 10"

Height of Cut: 1.25" - 4.25"
Ground Speed: Variable up to 4.5mph
Cut Width: 30"
Grass Handling: Mulch, Bag & Side Discharge
Propel: Personal Pace RWD
Weight: 140 lbs
Mfg Warranty: 3 Year Full ***

Personal Pace Self Propel

In the early days of RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) self propelled mowers, because they had so much traction, if you didn’t think to adjust the controls when you wanted to stop then it may have dragged you into the neighbors yard, or if you tried to stop it by force it may have popped a wheelie. Some brands even required the operator to put the machine in neutral before you could turn the machine. NONE OF THIS IS TRUE ABOUT PERSONAL PACE REAR WHEEL DRIVE MACHINES. Personal Pace is a feature where the handle on which you place your hands is a sensor allowing the mower to determine if you want the drive engaged and at what speed. It sounds complicated but is actually brilliantly simple both to operate as well as its design and reliability.  Here is how you operate it: LAY YOUR HANDS ON THE HANDLE AND WALK. If you speed up the mower will speed up to match your speed. If you slow down it will again match your speed. If you stop, the mower will stop pulling itself. It may sound hard to believe, but come to our store and we will demonstrate it for you. No other system is easier or simpler to use.

Quickstow Folding Handle

The handle on all of the Toro walk power mowers will fold, the difference between one and another is how easily and quickly it will fold. Mowers with the Quick Stowe handle provide a quick release mechanism allowing the handle to be re-positioned in seconds.

SpinStop (Also known as BBC - Blade Brake Clutch)

As you will see on any modern mower there is a safety system to sense when you take your hands off the mower. With most mowers when you let go of the handle, the engine immediately turns off. This is the cheapest way to stop the blade from turning for your safety, but it can be quite inconvenient to have to keep re-starting the mower every time you dump the bag or step away to pickup a stick. Spin Stop is different. When you let go of the handle, the blade stops turning but the engine continues to run. This allows you to easily stop the blade anytime you want without having to re-start the mower. Dump the bag, step away to pickup a piece of trash, or simply disengage the blade because you are going across some gravel and you don’t want to blow dust and rocks.

Push Button Electric Start (Model # 21200)

If you have a bad shoulder or just don’t want to pull that rope for whatever reason then Electric Start is just what it sounds like. You push a button and the mower starts itself, it’s that simple. Even with Electric Start there is still a pull cord present to serve as a back up method of starting.  The mower does not have power generation to re-charge the battery. This means that a couple of times a year you will need to plug the mower up to an electrical outlet to re-charge the battery. The charger is a simple little AC adapter that looks very similar to a typical cell phone charger. It is included with the mower. When the mower needs charging you will be able to hear a sluggishness in how fast it spins over when starting.

3 in 1 Grass Handling

TimeMaster mowers can be easily switched, without tools, between bagging, mulching and side discharging modes.

Cast Aluminum Alloy Frame & Steel Deck Construction

TimeMasters use a cast aluminum frame to provide a sturdy foundation on which to attach the engine, transmissions & drive wheels along with a rigid steel deck & cutting chamber. It uses the same proven spindle housings used in our TimeCutter zero turn riders.

Is This Mower a Good Choice For a Landscape Contractor?

The TimeMaster was designed to be used by homeowners with larger yards. TORO has a commercial model called the TurfMaster HDX 30" which is intended for Landscape Contractors. With that said, if the contractor has another larger mower that does the bulk of their cutting and the 30" machine is just used for the occasional need to get through a back yard gate or other tight clearance circumstances then the TimeMaster might be sufficient. But for a machine that is going to be run lots of hours on job after job the TurfMaster HDX 30" would be a better choice.