Service Trio

Whether it be maintenance, warranty or repair, none of it can take place without first having the needed parts.

It is our goal to have the parts you need waiting on our shelf. One of the keys to our Service Department maintaining such a quick turn around time for repairs is having the parts we need on hand.

Our basic formula for stocking parts is that if we sell 2 or 3 of a part each year then that justifies stocking the part. Because there are so many Toro's in the field consuming parts, that results in a hit rate of about 90%. That is, 9 times out of 10, the parts needed for our customer's Toro machines are usually waiting on the shelf. We can't hold that 90% probability in all brands, but you will find we do especially well for the most popular brands and models. We are not an Exmark dealer, but given that TORO has owned Exmark since 1997, many of the parts are identical. Give us a call with model & serial to confirm.

We supply parts for the models we sell in:

We also attempt to have commonly needed parts on the shelf for the engine models used on the equipment products we sell.