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Who is SCAG

SCAG Power Equipment was founded by Dane Scag in 1983 who contracted Metal Craft of Mayville to build his SCAG products. In 1986 he sold the brand to Metalcraft and remained president of SCAG through 1991. Dane Scag went on to bring the first Stand-on Zero Turn to market in 1996. He passed at the age of 94 in 2013. SCAG continues to offer the most overbuilt products in the industry.

SCAG's flagship Z is the
Turf Tiger II, easily recognized by it's iconic flat steel fenders, horizontal shaft engine and shaft driven deck.

Cheetah II is the fastest cat in the lineup with a blazing 16mph top speed, handy for getting back to the barn or between sections of property quickly. And a suspended operator platform to help smooth and absorb the bumps that come with traveling at higher speeds.

Tiger Cat II is SCAG's best selling zero turn, probably because it features many of the same tough components found on the Turf Tiger and Cheetah at a more budget friendly price. It features separate hydraulic pump & wheel motor components along with old school heavy steel construction.

A key component shared by these three top performers is the Velocity Plus cutter deck, a deck worthy of envy. It's comprised of 7, 10 & 11 gauge steel with a three layer central deck top nearly 1/2" thick to hold SCAG's premium cast iron spindles with tapered roller bearings and grease zerks. In additon to being used on the Turf Tiger, Cheetah & Tiger Cat, the Velocity Plus deck is also used on the
V-Ride II models that have 3 blades. A similarly constructed 2 blade version of the Velocity Plus deck is called the Advantage Deck.

Liberty Z, Freedom Z, and Patriot models have serviceable hydraulics and feature SCAG's Hero Deck. The Hero decks are constructed with 7 gauge skirts and a twin layer top consisting of 10 gauge steel with an 11 gauge reinforcement plate around the spindles. They feature cast aluminum maintenance free ball bearing spindles, adjustable caged solid anit-scalp rollers, and durable split steel pulleys, balanced for reduced wear and vibration.

In 2012 Giant Vac was acquired to become part of the SCAG family of products, bringing over 40 years of market leading experience in the debris blower & vacuum market.

How and why does B T South have the SCAG brand?