Since 1914

Over 70 Models of
Zero Turn Mowers

Who is TORO

TORO was founded in 1914 to make engines for farm tractors, TORO also made engines to support the war effort by making engines for merchant supply ships during World War I. After the war TORO soon found its way into the turf industry when it mounted 5 mower decks to a tractor frame in 1919. In 1922 it founded the first national golf equipment distributor network. In 1940 it revolutionized mowing with the first batwing like mower. In World War II TORO again joined in the country's defense effort by building parts for tanks and other machinery.

In 1952 TORO created the world’s first research and development center specializing in turf grass. It was led by Dr. James Watson who had a team of 25 scientists at TORO’s R&D facility. In 1966 they prepared the field for the first Super Bowl, a partnership that continues to this day. TORO’s roots in turf grass and outdoor equipment grow deep.

TORO has never sold out to another company which has allowed it to hold on to its culture and values, still headquartered in Bloomington Minnesota where it began. Sam Clapper, president of TORO for their first 30 years said “The strength of any institution rests solely in the good will of the people with whom they deal. You can replace anything except the good will of your customers.”

The TORO family encompasses some familiar brands including Ventrac, DitchWitch, Boss Snowblades, Dingo, Irritrol and Exmark. Names that have earned respect not just for their innovative designs and quality but for their strong commitment to supporting their products after the sale.

TORO delivers the most over engineered products in the industry. They are relentless at using testing and engineering to spend material and component budgets wisely to maximize durability, performance, product appeal and overall value. While some companies focus on making their products look tough, TORO is dedicated to making products you can count on.

TORO zero turn mowers include a wide selection with the Z-Master commercial grade mowers at the top, TimeCutter homeowner mowers at the other end, and Titans in the middle acting as a high end homeowner and light commercial zero turn mower.