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TORO TurfMaster 30" Commercial



Ground Speed

TORO TurfMaster 30"

TurfMaster HDX 30
Kawasaki FJ180V 7.3 Ftlb Engine
10.5 x 3 Rear Drive Wheels
4 mph Ground Speed
Toro 2 yr Res / 1 yr Comm | 3 yr Engine Warranty
TurfMaster HDX 30
Kohler CV220 9.5 Ftlb Engine
10.5 x 3 Rear Drive Wheels
4 mph Ground Speed
Toro 2 yr Res / 1 yr Comm | 3 yr Engine Warranty
TurfMaster HDX 30
Kohler CV224 11 Ftlb Engine
10.5 x 3 Rear Drive Wheels
4 mph Ground Speed
Toro 2 yr Res / 1 yr Comm | 3 yr Engine Warranty
* Toro engine warranty = Toro machine warranty | Kawasaki & Kohler engine warranty = 3 yr unlimited hours | Inquire for details.
We know that up time is everything when it comes to your business. Cut more grass in fewer passes than ever before with the TurfMaster's wide 30" deck. You'll tackle hilly terrain and full bags of clippings with ease with a strong MV702 transmission. Every component from top to bottom is made for heavy use in rough conditions, from curbs and trailers to multiple operators. And you'll spend less time refueling with the large one-gallon gas tank. Not only is this mower built to last, it's also designed to give you the professional-quality cut your customers demand for even the most complex mowing jobs. And you can rest easy knowing that Toro stands behind its mowers with 1-year warranty. Count on it.

Engine Size: 179cc / 200cc / 224cc
Engine Torque: 7.3 / 9.5 / 11 ft-lb **
Engine Mfg: Kaw / Koh / Koh
Frame Material: Cast Aluminum
Deck Material: Steel
Front Wheel Dia: 9" x 2"
Rear Wheel Dia: 10.5" x 3"

Height of Cut: 1.5" - "
Ground Speed: Variable up to 4 mph
Cut Width: 30"
Grass Handling: Mulch, Bag & Side Discharge
Propel: Single Lever
Weight: 173 lbs
Mfg Warranty: 2 Year ***

Blade Brake Clutch (Also known as BBC - Spin Stop)

As you will see on any modern mower there is a safety system to sense when you take your hands off the mower. With most mowers when you let go of the handle, the engine immediately turns off. This is the cheapest way to stop the blade from turning for your safety, but it can be quite inconvenient to have to keep re-starting the mower every time you dump the bag or step away to pickup a stick. Spin Stop is different. When you let go of the handle, the blade stops turning but the engine continues to run. This allows you to easily stop the blade anytime you want without having to re-start the mower. Dump the bag, step away to pickup a piece of trash, or simply disengage the blade because you are going across some gravel and you don’t want to blow dust and rocks.

3 in 1 Grass Handling

TimeMaster mowers can be easily switched, without tools, between bagging, mulching and side discharging modes.

Cast Aluminum Alloy Frame & Steel Deck Construction

TimeMasters use a cast aluminum frame to provide a sturdy foundation on which to attach the engine, transmissions & drive wheels along with a rigid steel deck & cutting chamber. It uses the same proven spindle housings used in our TimeCutter zero turn riders.

Differences between the former TurfMaster and the current TurfMaster HDX

The original TurfMaster came out in 2013, was revised in 2016 and then the TurfMaster HDX was released in 2019. The frame of the mower was modified with the release of the HDX to allow for a larger transmission delivering more power and durability. Also with this transmission came a parking brake feature which is a lever located on the right side of the handle. All HDX models have this larger transmission and parking brake. In the former models there was only one engine offering which was the Kawasaki FJ180. In the HDX it continued to be offered with the same Kawasaki FJ180 as well as the larger Kohler Command Pro engine which delivers 30% more torque. The TurfMaster is a commercial mower, not to be confused with the similar but lighter weight TimeMaster 30" homeowner mower which was originally released in 2008.