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From Routine Maintenance to Major Overhaul

Our service department is operated with the primary purpose of maintaining and repairing equipment that we have sold. Beyond that mission, we bring in work that we can efficiently perform when we have excess capacity to be utilized.

We sharpen blades, change fluids & filters, lubricate, adjust belts, troubleshoot problems and when needed replace engines, clutches, transmissions & hydraulic components.

Our goal is to service or repair your equipment as efficiently as possible:
• With as little expense as necessary to repair properly.
• As quickly as possible
We work on a narrow list of brands/products in a large volume. This makes it very likely we've done the same job many times before, and that we already have the parts waiting on the shelf. This leads to velocity and efficiency.

ASAPS machines get looked at as quickly as possible and 9 out of 10 times we already have the needed parts on the shelf so we can continue on with completing the repair.


We are authorized to work on the following brands: TORO Landscape Contractor Equipment | TORO Consumer Equipment | SCAG & VENTRAC. We are not an Exmark authorized dealer, but given that TORO has owned Exmark for 27 years, many of the service parts are interchangeable. We are typically willing to take in Exmark products for repair if they mirror a Toro product and depending on our available shop capacity at the time.


We work on most brands of push mowers and self propelled mowers. We do not work on Honda or John Deere brand mowers.


With hand held equipment we specialize in STIHL Brand Equipment where we are a STIHL ELITE Dealer and a STIHL MASTER WRENCH Service Center with two STIHL Gold Certified technicians.


The only Husqvarna products that we service are their push and self propelled walk power mowers. We do not perform Husqvarna warranty service.


Despite customers being regularly referred to us for service on Generac products we do not work on Generac nor have we ever. We have tried and continue to try to get off of their referral list.
ASAPS Priority Service
ASAPS is a feature that is available with most of the riding products we sell. It simply assures we will:
1. Allocate Service: Make room for your equipment item even during our busiest season when we may be turning some equipment away.

2. Priority Service: give your equipment priority over other equipment making it move through our service queue faster.


Can ASAPS be purchased for TORO and SCAG mowers that were not purchased at B T South? - YES

Does ASAPS expire? No, Not as long as you own the equipment and we remain an authorized dealer / service center for the equipment.

How fast is the turn around time for ASAPS machines? - It does vary some with how complex the job is and how quickly mowers are coming our door. Our goal, which we usually meet, is for ASAPS Landscape Contractor to be here no more than 3 work days and for ASAPS consumer equipment to be here no more than a week.
This is due in part to our deep stock of parts as well as our familiarity with the brand.

Are all ASAPS machines treated with equal priority? No, our service queue algorithm takes into account ASAPS status as well as other factors, some of which are:
• How long the machine has been waiting in queue.
• How old the machine is and whether it is still in its warranty period
• The equipment’s build quality level eg. commercial vs mid-grade vs consumer.

Unless we get caught up waiting on parts or waiting on authorization from the equipment owner or from the manufacturer for warranty authorization, we typically see machines turned around in these time frames.
We don't guarantee specific turn around times but this is what we see on average.
6 - 12 Business Days

2 - 5 Business Days

for most riding equipment
(Typical zero turn mowers & dual hydro walk behinds)
$90 Plus Parts

• Change oil & oil filter
• Grease grease points
• Sharpen or replace blades
• Replacing spark plug(s) if needed
• Inspect air filter and replace if needed
• Replace fuel filter
• Remove bulk debris from cutting chamber
• Inspect belts
• Inspect pulley & spindle bearings
• Inspect engine & transmission mounting
for most non-riding equipment
(Typical walk power mowers and hand held equipment)
$50 Plus Parts

• Change oil
• Grease grease points
• Sharpen or replace blade(s)
• Replacing spark plug if needed
• Inspect air filter and replace if needed
• Replace fuel filter, if applicable
• Remove bulk debris from cutting chamber
• Inspect belts
• Inspect pulley & spindle bearings
• Inspect engine & transmission mounting
General Maintenance is required to maintain the performance and longevity of equipment that already functions correctly.
For machines not functioning correctly they will almost certainly require more than just routine maintenance to resolve.
Repair deposit & minimum charge for repair of most riding products:
Repair deposit & minimum charge for repair of most non-riding equipment:
Service Trio
For maintenance or repair on your equipment please contact us in one of the following ways:
Service Email:
‍Service Request Form: LINK