How Do Toro and Spartan Compare?

Toro mower mowing a field in a comparison with Spartan mowers

It seems we constantly get asked the following three questions and I wish there were simple concise answers, but the truth is if one brand was hands down the clear winner then there would be no reason to have both brands.

Which mower is built better, Toro or Spartan?‍

Obviously it depends on which Toro model you compare to which Spartan model, but in general Spartans tend to be built with more steel or more horsepower or have more features for the price.

Toro by comparison relies much more on engineering and testing to achieve the performance target without using more resources than are necessary which often results in less steel and or horsepower. ‍

Which mower is more expensive, Toro or Spartan?‍

It’s hard to say because it depends which parts and features of the mower you compare. For example, if you were to specify you wanted a heavy 7 gauge cutting deck, then that would put the Toro starting at over $10,000 whereas all Spartan models have 7 gauge decks and start at about half that price. But while the deck of the Spartan has the same steel thickness as the Toro at twice the price, that doesn’t mean the mowers are equal, and of course they are not equal at all.

But depending on which attributes you are looking at and are important to you, either Spartan or Toro could come out on top as a better value from your perspective. We recommend customers look at both and have our staff point out differences between the models you are considering to help you make an informed decision. ‍

Between Toro and Spartan, which one should I buy?‍

Spartan Mowers outside of BTSouth
Spartan Mowers outside of BTSouth

That really depends on which features and attributes matter most to a particular buyer. Both Toro and Spartan make great products and you will more than likely be happy regardless of which one you choose as long as you select an appropriate model for what you are mowing.

To the potential B T South customer, I will say this to those who are very dependent on their mower and need maximum up time, like a landscaper for example that does not have a backup mower.

As a Toro dealer for over 20 years with thousands of Toro units sold, and having seasoned Toro technicians and over $100,000 worth of Toro parts sitting on the shelf, B T South is extremely well positioned to quickly get a broken down Toro mower back to cutting grass again.

Those who buy a Spartan mower from us will be no less important to our service department and we will work hard to advance the level of service we can provide to our Spartan customers, but this will take time, experience and a growing number of units sold to be supported which will justify increases in parts stocking levels. ‍

More about parts in stock at B T South‍

Our basic parts stocking formula is if we sell two or three of something a year then we stock it. As we’ve grown well past thousands of Toro mowers sold, the rate has risen to more than 90% of the time, already having parts on the shelf as they are needed. Having just started with the Spartan line, we mostly just have common wear items in stock like belts, blades, filters and fluids.

That being said, Spartan has been much better than average with having parts in stock at the factory and lengthy wait times on parts are very unusual. As a homeowner, a few extra days should not be a big concern and certainly not a reason to keep someone from buying the mower that best meets their needs. ‍Co

me see both product lines in person in our showroom located at 4416 Groometown Rd, Greensboro NC 27407.

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