TORO SprayMaster 60 Spreader Sprayer


Dual 30 Gallon Tanks

Spray Widths of 2' 6' 8' & 10'

Spot Sprayer wand w/ 75' Hose Reel

5.3 gpm Pump

250 lb Capacity Hopper

Dual 50lb Fertilizer Bag Trays

Vanguard 21 HP V-Twin Engine

5 Gal Fuel Capacity

Hydrogear ZT5400 Transaxles

24x12-12 Drive Tires / 15x6-6 Locking Caster Wheels

10 mph Ground Speed with Digital Speedometer

Twin Lever Dual Hydro Controls

Contoured Operator Pad & Adjustable ISO Mount Platform

Weight: 912 lbs

Stocking Model*

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The Toro SprayMaster 60 Sprayer Spreader is designed with a 627cc Vanguard engine strategically mounted low in a durable stainless steel frame along with two 30 gallon liquid tanks. This stable low center of gravity design along with foot pedal controlled locking font casters allow you to stay on pattern to ensure liquid and granular materials are delivered precisely where they belong. The 52" wide 60 gallon SprayMaster with optional foam marker is ideal for larger properties while still being small enough to maneuver. Choose from 2ft, 6ft, 8ft or 10ft spray patterns, and spread widths of up to 25-feet. A 75-foot hose reel provides extended access for spraying tight spaces. A contoured operator pad and isolation mount equipped operator platform provide all-day operator comfort, while easy to reach controls make it an easy machine to get to know. New bi-directional folding spray booms break away forward or backward reducing the change of damage. The flip-up hopper enables easy access to the engine for service, or for cleaning the hopper.

* "Stocking Model" means a model we typically keep in stock during season. Please contact us to assure the item is in stock now.
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