60v Trimmer 16" w/2.5Ah 135Wh Battery & 2.5 amp Charger


String Trimmer

Battery Powered

Pick Your Performance - Adjust your line size and cutting length.

Scrap the Spools - Simply thread the line and spin the dial.

Toro Tough - You'll enjoy superior durability and performance of this tough trimmer, with more motor torque and a cast aluminum direct-drive head.

Long-Lasting Performance - Enjoy more power and longer life with a high-performance brushless DC motor.

A Perfect Match - It's easy to match the performance to the job with variable speed trigger and two speed ranges to choose from

Maximize Your Efficiency - Maximize run time and power with the 60V* lithium-ion smart battery.

Part of the Toro 60V Max* Interchangeable Power System with all seasons power.

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

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The Toro 60V* 16 in. Brushless String Trimmer lets you choose either 14 in. of whippin’ or 16 in. of whoopin’ which means you get to accelerate performance and productivity whenever you want. You get two line options, too. Unlike the other guys, ours comes standard with a pro-grade .095 in. line that can handle the thickest grass and toughest weeds. You choose the speed that’s right for the job. Brushless motor with RunSmart® onboard intel optimizes RPMs and torque in real time, for peak cutting performance in the toughest conditions. As part of the Toro 60V Flex-Force Power System®, it's got power like no other that commands a full line of tools. Go from tool to tool to tool, done and done and done.