STIHL BR 800 X BackPack Blower

BR 800 X

BackPack Blower

Professional Grade

Gas Powered

Displacement: 79.9 cc

Power: 4.4 bhp

Dry Weight: 23.1 Lbs

Fuel Capacity: 67.6 oz

Blowing Force: 41 Newtons

Air Volume at Nozzle: 912 CFM

Max Air Velocity: 239 MPH

Noise Level: 78 db(a)

Newton is the force needed to accelerate 1 kg of mass at the rate of 1 m/sec². Tested in accordance with ANSI B 175.2 standard.

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Prepared to be blown away. The most powerful blower in the STIHL line is here. The American-built* BR 800 X MAGNUM® is the ideal machine for professional landscapers tackling large properties. With a 4.4 bhp engine, the BR 800 X offers 20 percent more power than the BR 700, allowing you to clear leaves, grass and heavy debris faster and more efficiently. By adding the BR 800 X to your fleet, you’ll see a real impact where it counts most – on your bottom line. Blast through jobs quickly and move on to the next, all while doing it in comfort. The BR 800 X features ergonomic S-shaped shoulder straps and an easily adjustable handle, allowing each user to select their most comfortable position. It also includes a hanging slot for convenient storage when not in use. The BR 800 X – Are you ready?