STIHL RB 400 DIRT BOSS High Pressure Washer

RB 400

DIRT BOSS High Pressure Washer


Gas Powered

Displacement: 196 cc

Power: 6.5 bhp

Water Pressure: 2700 psi

Water Flow: 2.7 gpm

Cleaning Units: 7,290

Hose Length: 25'

2 Piece Lance

Weight: 90.0 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 115.2 oz

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When you need a power washer that delivers top performance and can stand up to daily use, choose the STIHL RB 400 DIRT BOSS® pressure washer. It features a powerful 196 cc (6.5 hp) engine that can output 2,700 psi of water pressure at 2.7 gallons per minute. It also features the durability STIHL products are known for, with a brass manifold pump design, stainless steel valves and ceramic-coated pistons. There is also a cast-iron engine liner and a built-in shutdown feature when the oil level is low. The RB 400 DIRT BOSS® also features an easy start pump system and convenient detergent injector system. And with its 25' no-kink flex hose, you can clean more area without having to move the machine. Finally, the pressure washer uses a wide range of optional cleaning accessories, including rotary surface cleaner, water broom, nozzle options, hose extensions, a gutter cleaner, aluminum wand extension, pivot coupler and official STIHL cleaning agents. When you need to demolish dirt on a daily basis, the DIRT BOSS® handles the pressure with ease.