STIHL RB 800 High Pressure Washer

RB 800

High Pressure Washer


Gas Powered

Displacement: 429 cc

Power: 14.0 bhp

Water Pressure: 4200 psi

Water Flow: 4.0 gpm

Cleaning Units: 16,800

Hose Length: 50'

2 Piece Lance

Weight: 168.0 lbs

Fuel Capacity: 236.8 oz

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The STIHL RB 800 is the pressure washer you need if you are looking for professional power and performance. This power washer is the most impressive one in the STIHL lineup. It is designed for heavy-duty commercial use and can get through tough cleaning jobs. With 4,200 psi of water pressure and a 429 cc engine, the RB 800 cleans up the dirtiest jobs with ease. Its industrial design is made to withstand heavy daily use. Plus, with the easy start pump system, you can start the washer without difficulty or back pressure from the pump. This professional pressure washer is designed for convenience, durability and can be customized with a full range of optional accessories.