6-pod battery charging capacity.

12 AMP rapid charger to repower fast.

Charges any combination of 60V Flex-Force Batteries.

2 charge modes: sequential rapid mode charges a 10Ah battery to full in 50 minutes (7.5Ah is 38 minutes); standard equal mode steadily brings batteries up to full charge in unison.

Charges 88620 in 10 Minutes (108wh)

Charges 88625 in 12.5 Minutes (135wh)

Charges 88640 in 20 Minutes (216wh)

Charges 88650 in 25 Minutes (270wh)

Charges 88660 in 30 Minutes (324wh)

Charges 88675 in 37.5 Minutes (405wh)

Charges 66810 in 50 Minutes (540wh)

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

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Revolution professional handheld products run on our 60V Max Flex-Force Power System and work with our entire line of Revolution commercial grade handheld tools. The backpack, available as a power source for our leaf blower, and string and hedge trimmers, is built for comfort and ready to keep jobs moving all day long. It has the capacity for you to swap batteries, so when one battery is done, you're not done. Our 60V power comes to you fast: just 50 minutes to charge our largest battery to 100% and easily outpacing the charging speed of larger, lower voltage batteries.