60v MAX Charger (5.5amp)




Dynamic Charge Rate - Optimizes charge speed based on charge level to maximize battery health and lifespan.

Auto Shutoff - Stops charging when battery reaches full charge to avoid overcharging and maximize battery health and lifespan.

Charges 88620 in 41 Minutes (108wh)

Charges 88625 in 62 Minutes (135wh)

Charges 88640 in 70 Minutes (216wh)

Charges 88650 in 86 Minutes (270wh)

Charges 88660 in 93 Minutes (324wh)

Charges 88675 in 136 Minutes (405wh)

Charges 66810 in 160 Minutes (540wh)

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

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Take charge of the yard with Toro Flex-Force Power System 60-Volts Battery Charger. Charges the L135, L324, L405 and L540 batteries. The charger is compatible with the Toro Flex-Force tools and batteries. Take charge of the yard with Toro 60-Volts Flex-Force tools. When it comes to reliability, Toro delivers replacement parts designed to the exact engineering specifications of our equipment. For peace of mind, insist on Toro genuine parts.